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Echo Business Solutions is the leading marketing and sales agency in Charleston, South Carolina. Many staff members have diverse backgrounds and experiences which contribute to the company’s thriving culture of excellence. If you are considering a career with our company, be sure to read this page in its entirety. You’ll find a lot of information that pertains to job seekers like you, including some Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve created this site to help you understand what the company does and how it operates. You can also locate additional resources for understanding the sales process and the marketing industry as a whole.

Be sure to visit this page often as we are always adding new content for our employees, job applicants, and clients.

Echo Business Solutions Inc
1064 Gardner Rd Suite 311
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 414-7591

Echo Business Solutions | Careers

Echo Business Solutions Inc

At Echo Business Solutions, everyone’s performance is evaluated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We only promote someone into his or her next position based on merit and competency. This means that anyone with a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed can shine and get into a position of true empowerment. While a lot of corporations require a vast amount of experience in a marketing firm before they even look at a person’s resume, we require something a little bit different. The management team at Echo Business Solutions doesn’t care about previous experience (to some degree) nor who they know or how long they’ve been in a certain position. Certainly, I know a lot of people who are very competent at their job, but just aren’t management material. At this particular marketing firm, we are looking for individuals who have leadership skills and are people oriented. Now, don’t take this lightly. These are the foundations of any successful person on the planet. Business is made up of groups of people. If you don’t understand people, then you won’t understand business.

While everyone starts their career in the entry level position, not everyone operates at the same pace. Once a person hits black and white criteria for promotion, they move on to become an account manager in the company. For some people, this could take five or six weeks. For others, it’s only a matter of days.

At this point in a person’s career, the leadership training begins. Although Echo Business Solutions looks for people with innate leadership qualities, the management team certainly doesn’t expect someone to know all of the intricacies of the skill set. Therefore, a person goes through one-on-one coaching and an extensive leadership training program to acquire the experience and knowledge to be a great team leader.

After a person has demonstrated superior leadership qualities, measured by team performance, he or she is promoted into an assistant manager. At this stage, the person becomes familiar with all administrative duties and campaign management. From running meetings to conducting interviews, an assistant manager at Echo Business Solutions is well on their way to becoming a managing partner within the firm.

Once an assistant manager has gained all of the knowledge and experience required for a management position, they are presented with a portfolio of Fortune 500 clients who are currently awaiting representation. Not only in Charleston, SC, but throughout the continental U.S. The management team and the assistant manager then work out the details and a new location is opened, thus, almost doubling the capacity of the company.

Echo Business Solutions is not looking for an individual who simply wants a “job.” The company is looking for people with entrepreneurial mindsets and ambitious goals who want to leave their mark on the industry. For these people, the sky is the limit.

Echo Business Solutions | Company Culture

Although we at Echo Business Solutions take our jobs very seriously, we don’t take ourselves to seriously. We are a team of entrepreneurs with a desire to not just get by, but THRIVE. Therefore, we are currently recharging our batteries outside of the office with team building events and weekly ‘get-together’s’ at restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, or even barbecuing at a staff member’s house on the weekends.

It’s not necessarily the product or service that makes a business great, it’s the people. In fact, we believe that there are 3 essential ‘P’s in business… Product, Processes, and People. We know that the services/product of Echo Business Solutions is superior to most other forms of marketing and sales. We have spent countless hours improving processes and systems so that it feels that our corporation could almost run itself. But what we truly pride ourselves on is the quality of people in our company.

For more information on our company, visit the following:

Visit our ‘contact’ page to get in touch with management at Echo Business Solutions.


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